Latest World & National News & Headlines (2024)

Latest World & National News & Headlines (2024)


What are the top five headlines today? ›

Top Stories
  • How To Get A Meeting With The UAE's $1.5 Trillion Man.
  • Meet Kanpur's Google Golden Baba, The Man Covered In 4 Kg Gold Every Day.
  • Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshVideo Of Ghaziabad Cop Assaulting Man Surfaces Online, Probe Launched.
  • Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Om Birla - Key Candidates In Election Phase 2.

What is the latest news today in the world? ›

'Europe could die': Macron urges stronger defences, economic reforms
  • Ship comes under attack off coast of Yemen as Houthi rebel campaign appears to gain new speed.
  • New York appeals court overturns Harvey Weinstein's 2020 rape conviction from landmark #MeToo trial.
  • Advertisem*nt.

What are some current events happening in the world right now? ›

  • Hamas again raises the possibility of a 2-state compromise. ...
  • Premature baby girl rescued from her dead mother's womb dies in Gaza after 5 days in an incubator.
  • Head of Vietnam's parliament resigns amid corruption probe.
  • Egypt sends delegation to Israel, its latest effort to broker a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

What are the biggest news stories in the world right now? ›

World News
  • US States Sue Over Agency Rule on Protections for Workers Who Get Abortions. ...
  • Hamas Again Raises the Possibility of a 2-State Compromise. ...
  • Colombia's Chiribiquete Park to Receive $1 Million Annually for at Least 30 Years. ...
  • Trump's Three US Supreme Court Appointees Thrash Out Immunity Claim.

What news is trending in usa? ›

  • Gaza war protesters arrested at University of Southern California. ...
  • Laid-off worker sues Foxtrot and Dom's Kitchen after nationwide closures. ...
  • Business interests sue Federal Trade Commission over noncompete ban. ...
  • Passengers watch liquid leak down airplane aisle from lavatory: Video.

What is the most read news website in the US? ›

USA News Websites
  1. The New York Times. New York City, New York, US. ...
  2. The Huffington Post. US. ...
  3. Fox News | Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines. US. ...
  4. POLITICO. Washington, District of Columbia, US. ...
  5. 5. Yahoo News » Latest News & Headlines. New York City, New York, US. ...
  6. NPR News. ...
  7. Los Angeles Times. ...
  8. The Top Daily News.

When was the last news of the world newspaper? ›

In July 2011 it was announced that the newspaper would cease publication; the announcement followed intensifying allegations that members of its staff were responsible for the illegal hacking of telephones of celebrities, politicians, the British royal family, and private citizens. News of the World published its last ...

What is the best international news paper? ›

The New York Times - Founded in 1851 in New York City, New York, USA, is one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world. It has over 130 Pulitzer Prizes making it one of the most popular newspapers served worldwide. The Wall Street Journal - Founded in 1877, in Washington, D.C, USA.

Is the news of the world still going? ›

From 2006, the newspaper was said to have hacked the phones of people in order to find news. The News of the World ended because of this on 7 July 2011. Many members of the News of the World were arrested by police for doing this.

What is the biggest event worldwide? ›

The Super Bowl is an annual tradition that gets bigger every year. But its reach, while vast in the U.S., pales when placed alongside the biggest sporting event — and that is the World Cup. The World Cup shatters viewership records with an astonishing 5 billion viewers globally.

What's happening around the world in 2024? ›

2024 will be a landmark year: dozens of elections across the world, unresolved conflicts in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza to address, and further milestones expected in everything from global temperatures to space exploration and artificial intelligence.

Which event changed the world? ›

World War II changed maps, minds, and the very meaning of war. By the end of World War II, the landscape of the earth had been altered beyond recognition. Maps had to be redrawn, populations were displaced, and the idea of war had evolved significantly.

Who is the biggest news owner? ›

Rupert Murdoch – News Corp

Rupert Murdoch, former CEO of 21st Century Fox, the parent of powerhouse cable TV channel Fox News, may well be the world's most powerful media tycoon.

Which news is most popular in USA? ›

In December 2023, the news website with the most monthly visits in the United States was the New York Times' website, with a total of 464.4 million monthly visits to in that month. In second place was with close to 375 million visits, followed by with just over 260 million.

What is the most read news website? ›

Where is the headline in news? ›

It normally appears in large letters above the report. The grammar of headlines is often non-standard and they can be difficult to read. The main features of the grammar of headlines are the use of a series of nouns and the use of ellipsis (leaving out words which are not necessary).

What is the headline and lead of the news? ›

A headline's role is to generate audience engagement by catching their attention. To draw the attention of the audience, editors also use pictorial illustrations or a quote from the story. A lead is the first paragraph of the story. After the headline, it is the most informative and impactful part of the entire story.

What is a headline in television news? ›

a line of words printed in large letters as the title of a story in a newspaper, or the main points of the news that are broadcast on television or radio: The news of his death was splashed in headlines across all the newspapers.


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