Will love island game? (2024)

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Who can you end up with on Love Island the game?

Talia is the only female dateable character; however, the player can leave the reunion with Allegra. The dumping on Day 9 is the only event where the player has no influence on the result, as Allegra is dumped regardless of the player's decisions. Jake, Levi, Mason and Talia are the only possible final partners.

Can you date Talia in Love Island?

To get any of the female love interests, you must romance Talia. You can do this by saying you slept with someone of the same sex at Never Have I ever which is right at the start and then continuing to flirt when you meet her in the bathroom, talk to her on the roof terrace, talk to her at the pool etc.

Can you be a guy on the Love Island game?

Currently we do not have a male player character, however this is something we'd definitely like to include in the future.

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Why won't Love Island work?

If your game is stuck on the Love Island loading screen, please try the following: Ensure you are connected to a strong wifi connection. Ensure your app is up to date via your relevant App Store. If you're on an iOS device, try disconnecting Game Center.

Do Love Island couples get paid?

It's well known that the majority of Love Island stars rack in a tonne of cash when they leave the villa, even if they're the first one booted from the show. However, what fans might not know is that the contestants get paid wages while they're in the villa itself.

Can you sleep together on Love Island?

Firstly, they're not allowed to choose when they go to bed, as producers tell them when they can sleep, and secondly, they don't get the privacy of their own bedroom. The villa has a communal bedroom and the Islanders also need to share a bed with a fellow contestant.

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Who was the youngest girl on Love Island?

The youngest winners are Amber Davies and Finn Tapp, who were 20 years old when they won the third and sixth series, respectively.

Who is the youngest ever Love Island contestants?

In fact, the youngest contestant to ever appear on Love Island was Amelia Peters, who starred in the 2017 edition at the age of 18.

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Who is the most popular Love Island contestant?

The most successful Love Island contestant by far, has to be the indomitable Molly-Mae Hague who not only bagged herself her dream man in Tommy Fury, but also amassed an incredible £4.5million net worth thanks to her time on the show.

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What can't you do on Love Island?

Books, magazines or newspapers. In addition to mobile phones, Love Island contestants are also cut off from the outside world, which means they are not allowed access to any newspapers, magazines, or books during their free time.


Does Love Island have an age limit?

The Love Island application process

We also attend events and hold street castings for prospective Islanders. The key is that they are over 18, single and looking for love.”

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What is the average age to go on Love Island?

There is no maximum age requirement for people applying to be on “Love Island.” However, the show is typically populated by people in their early 20s for a very good reason.

Will love island game? (2024)
Why can't you smoke on Love Island anymore?

Love Island no longer airs the Islanders smoking after ITV banned smoking in the villa after thousands of people complained about the amount of it being shown on screen.

Are love Islanders not allowed to post on Instagram?

As part of the new duty of care guidelines, ITV have revealed Winter Love Island contestants won't be allowed active Instagram accounts while they're in the villa.

Has anyone ever gotten sick on Love Island?

According to show insiders, islanders and crew members on the winter edition of the series have grown sick with diarrhoea as result of the illness. “Love Island might look very sexy on the television but behind the scenes, there has been a bug going around,” a source told The Sun.

Do Love Island contestants get STD tested?

He added: “It's definitely down to the cast members, if you do want to do it then by all means do it. The show provides the necessary protection, so just be safe. The show does do strict testing beforehand just to make sure that everyone going on there is clean.”

Who is the richest person to come out of Love Island?

Olivia and Alex Bowen

Together, they've made an estimated £4million through endless sponsorships, selling their wedding photos exclusively to magazines making them the richest couple to ever have come out of the ITV2 show.

Does it cost to go on Love Island?

Yes, the contestants do get paid for being on the show. Not only do the Islanders receive a fee for being in the villa, they gain the opportunity to build their television profiles from their time on the popular TV show.

Can you smoke on Love Island?

While the smoking area has been banned from the villa (probably because of all the Ofcom complaints), the Islanders are still allowed to smoke but the rules have changed slightly. When we caught up with Love Island 2023 star Zara Lackenby-Brown she revealed which one of her cast members smoke in the villa.

Can they drink and smoke on Love Island?

From the 2019 series onwards, islanders are still allowed to smoke – but away from the villa (and the cameras) in a 'designated smoking area'. Islanders aren't allowed to smoke in groups, either, to discourage social smoking – and presumably, so important conversations between contestants can still be shown on screen.

What are the bed rules in Love Island?

Sleeping and bed-sharing rules on Love Island

Well, basically, the rules say that Islandersshould share a bed with who they're coupled with - and who they're coupled with is just based on the fire-side ceremonies. As always - and as they've repeatedly done - Islanders are of course not forced to sleep anywhere.

Which Love Island girl is pregnant?

Love Island UK's Hayley Hughes has surprised everyone by announcing she's expecting her first child in April 2023.

Who is the most popular Love Island girl?

Maura Higgins

Maura is one of the best contestants that's ever gone on Love Island; from trying to seduce Tommy Fury to putting Tom Walker in his place we were obsessed from the get-go. We almost forgot to mention that she's absolutely stunning; no wonder she was a model and Grid Girl before her stint in the villa.

Who is the oldest girl on Love Island?

How old is Olivia on Love Island? Ring girl and actress Olivia Hawkins is 27 years old, currently making her the oldest contestant in the 2023 cast.

Who is the oldest person to ever go on Love Island?

Marcel Sommerville – 31

He was 31 when he appeared on the show and left with Gabby Allen. The pair broke up amid rumours he had cheated on her whilst they were on holiday.

Has anyone been in Love Island with a child?

Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey

The couple went on to welcome a baby boy called Freddie into the world in December 2017, making them the first Love Island winners to have a child. In July 2020, Cara and Nathan welcomed their second child together, a baby girl called Delilah Delahoyde-Massey.

Do any love Islanders have kids?

Olivia and Alex Bowen. This couple who married in 2018, quickly became one of the favourites in series two and are now parents to Abel Jacob who was born in June 2022 last year. Olivia recently shared a sweet tribute to her son who is due to celebrate his first birthday this month.

Who is the most successful couple from Love Island?

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, 2019

Perhaps the most famous couple to emerge from Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are still together four years after their series ended.

Which love Islander has gained the most followers?

Leading Love Island 2023 contestants in the UK, by number of Instagram followers. Out of the ten contestants of Love Island's 9th season broadcast in 2023, Will Young had the highest number of Instagram followers, amounting to around 134,000.

Do they have to use condoms on Love Island?

We bet you've been wondering - do the islanders bring their own condoms into the villa or are they supplied with them? Well, it turns out they are supplied with Love Island branded condoms - as revealed by former Islander Sophie Gradon. There's a supply of around 200 of them for the islanders to use during their stay.

Why can t they hug parents on Love Island?

Unfortunately they were unable to hug or have any physical contact. Tarek explained that one of the parents tested positive for Covid meaning they had to keep their distance from the Islander during their visit, The Sun reports.

What happens if you get your period on Love Island?

She explained that it would be a similar scenario to menstruating on holiday, you just have to "get on with it". "We just get on with it, like you would do if you're on holiday," she added. Amy admitted she had tried to make sure she wouldn't hit her time of the month while filming.

Can single parents go on Love Island?

"But also with the juiciest twist of any show I've ever worked on." Applications for the show opened in February with ITV putting out a call for "vibrant single parents across the UK who are in search of love". ITV said the series will require the participation of a parent and their adult child.

Is there an alcohol limit on Love Island?

The Love Island contestants can drink on the show, however, they are limited to two glasses per day and the type of alcoholic beverage has to be considered carefully. Amy Hart, who featured in 2019's series, told The Sun: “So it's definitely one drink in the night and you have to order it in the afternoon.

What size do you have to be to go on Love Island?

And considering they've scoured the country - and Instagram - looking for the most suitable singles, we can only surmise - everyone size 14 or above must be happily attached. Yes, that's right, there's clearly not a single plus-size man or woman in their 20s in need of finding love.

Who is the target audience for Love Island?

Demographics. Unsurprisingly age is the dominant factor, with the Love Island audience tending to be much younger. In fact, as many as 43% of those watching Love Island are under the age of 30, and another 25% are in their thirties.

Why do men watch Love Island?

An ITV executive has said that the reason so many young, straight men watch Love Island is because they want to hear what women are saying about them. The dating show brings together young, hopeful singles who are challenged with finding love in the duration of an eight-week stay in a Spanish villa.

How many days do they stay at Love Island?

Love Island normally lasts for around eight weeks, with the winter version expected to be the same.

What is banned in Love Island?

Love Island contestants will be banned from any social media activity to shield themselves and their families from online abuse while they stay in the villa this summer. ITV bosses have announced new duty of care procedures for the cast ahead of the hit reality show's 10th season, due to start in a few weeks.

What time do they wake up on Love Island?

What time do they wake up on Love Island? ITV reportedly explained that Love Island contestants don't have a set wake up time in the villa, and that it “varies depending upon what has happened the night before.” This could be as a result of larger events such as recouplings.

What items are banned on Love Island?

Books, magazines or newspapers

As well as mobile phones it is no shock that islanders are also cut off from the outside world and are not allowed access to any newspapers, magazines or books during their free time - meaning they really do need to be grafting 24/7.

Why can't they touch on Love Island?

Since the Covid pandemic, Islanders have not been able to hug their visitors due to risks of infection. Although restrictions have ended in the UK and in other countries, the limitations have remained in place for this year's “meet the parents” event, meaning that the Islanders and family cannot touch each other.

Are Love Islanders allowed to wear fake tan?

In a TikTok video shared by Chloe Burrows, the runner-up in 2021, it was revealed that the use of fake tan is prohibited in the Love Island villa.

Do Love Islanders get free clothes?

While Islanders are allowed to wear their own clothes, they are also lucky enough to be given a continuous flow of new clothes to wear as part of partnerships with the show's sponsors. This year, celebrity stylist Amy Bannerman - who works with Dua Lipa and Rita Ora - to choose clothes for the contestants.

Do Islanders get drunk on Love Island?

Overall, the Islanders are allowed one drink, sometimes two, a night. A spokesperson for the show once said: “We provide our Islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team.”

Do they ever eat on Love Island?

Every morning it is up to the Islanders to make their own breakfast and lunch, with the villa kitchen constantly being restocked with snacks and drinks so that contestants are never left hungry.

Do they get to eat on Love Island?

Islanders usually eat their dinner with the production team. Meal times don't appear on the show because it is used as downtime for the contestants to allow them to have a break from the cameras.

Can you end up with a girl in Love Island game?

They can't be. The game, like the show, is based on heterosexual people coupling up.

Can you switch couples in Love Island?

This gives Islanders the chance to swap partners or, for those who have found love but are coupled up with someone else, a chance to finally be in a team together. Anyone who is left single at the end of the recoupling ceremony has to then leave the Island.

Who can you couple up with Love Island game season 2?

Day 1Day 22
GaryPlayer / HannahPlayer / Lottie
HannahBobby / GaryDumped (Day 3)
LottieBobby / RoccoBobby / Gary
ChelseaNot in VillaBobby / Carl / Henrik / Jakub / Lucas
39 more rows

Can they change couples in Love Island?

The show will alternate between letting boys pick their girls and vice versa, so the power will keep shifting. Even if the islanders are in a solid couple that they have no desire to change, they still have to go through the recoupling process; they just pick the same partner.

Can Islanders text each other on Love Island?

The Islanders can only be contacted by the production team via text or phone calls. They can also text each other and take selfies during their stay in the villa.

Do Love Island couples ever stay together?

Perhaps the most famous couple to emerge from Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are still together four years after their series ended. They moved in together in 2019 and, earlier this year, welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Bambi.

Is alcohol allowed on Love Island?

To maintain control over the islanders' behaviour, their alcohol consumption is limited. Each islander is allowed two glasses of wine or two glasses of beer during party evenings. Additionally, food is provided, and the producers take shopping list requests from the contestants.

Why can't love Islanders know the time?

Because, Islanders aren't allowed to know themselves and all of their phones are set to different times. 'You never know what the time is,' 2017 contestant Montana told The Independent, 'They'll wake you up by putting the lights on or a voiceover will say "Islanders, it's time to get up".

Do any of the Love Islanders smoke?

When we caught up with Love Island 2023 star Zara Lackenby-Brown she revealed which one of her cast members smoke in the villa. "Quite a few of the Islanders vape. I believe Shaq [Muhammad] and Tanyel [Revan] vape and Ellie [Spence] smokes," she exclusively told Closer Online.

Who were the least compatible couples on Love Island?

Love Island's Lana and Ron respond to being voted least compatible couple. "We were always going to end up together." Love Island runners-up Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall have responded to being voted one of the villa's least compatible couples by their fellow Islanders.

What is the success rate of Love Island couples?

24 contestants have found long-lasting love on Love Island, which is just under 10% of all contestants who made it onto the island. Anyone thinking about entering The Bachelor might want to change their mind – only 0.68% of all contestants who entered have managed to find themselves a romantic happily ever after.

Do they eat on Love Island?

' The 2017 Love Island winner, Amber Davies, said the contestants also get to choose off a menu that is given to them. She told The Sun: 'You get to eat a selection of food and it's lovely food. You do get to choose what to eat, and it all comes in separate containers.

How long do Love Island couples have to stay together?

Last time we wrote about a Love Island split at Grazia we jokingly called it 'Love Island Break-Up Season' but it turns out that might actually be a thing – at least according to certain fan theories that have predicted that some Love Island couples are actually contracted to stay together for at least 6 months ...

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